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7 Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins for 2021

A site requires the form to perform actions along with registering users, logging in, undertaking an online survey, and lots of others. At the equal time, WordPress doesn’t have an integrated shape. but, it has thousands of form builder plugins to ease your assignment. but, the system of choosing the one may additionally worry you.

properly, after reviewing overloads of plugins to be had, we’ve indexed the 15 exceptional WordPress shape builder plugins. for this reason, make certain you read the article till the quit to locate the only that suits you.

with no delay, let’s get started out!

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Why Use WordPress Form Builder Plugins?

when you move stay with your website, you can want your internet site vacationer to perform particular actions; it is able to be registering them as a person, taking component in surveys, or making bills to buy your products. right here, you require special styles of forms as an integral part of your internet site.

As referred to above, WordPress has no built-in form available. you need to depend upon a third-celebration plugin to build an internet form and add it in your WordPress web page.

once you set up the first-rate WordPress form plugin for your website, you can customize the shape as consistent with your desire and add it to the landing posts, the home page, or everywhere on the website.

Now, allow’s move directly to find out the first-rate WordPress form builder plugins in our listing.

10 Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

1. ARForms

Wordpress form builder plugin - ARForms

ARForms is an all-in-one form builder plugin capable of creating online survey forms, advanced forms, cost estimator forms, multi-step forms, newsletter popup, etc. It’s also optimized for speed, resulting in an A+ performance grade. For your convenience, it has over 50 pre-built form templates. 

in addition, greater than 32 paperwork elements inclusive of radio button, reCAPTCHA, dropdown, slider, and so on., also are to be had. It has an impressive multi-column facility, and you could even resize any column by dragging the border among the fields. except, the admin section is well-matched with WPML, which lets you translate into 12 special pre-transformed translations.

Key Features:  

  • SMS Gateway integration  
  • Email marketing ready  
  • Built-in popup forms  
  • Email notifications  
  • 8 different form submission actions  
  • PayPal integration  

Price: $39 for a Regular License   

2. Forminator

Wordpress form builder plugin - Forminator

Forminator is a user-friendly WordPress form maker plugin to create contact forms, feedback widgets, order forms, interactive polls with real-time results, and many more. Collecting information and making the content interactive to generate more conversion is easy with Forminator. Besides, its drag and drop visual builder makes it easy for users to set up and add the forms to the WordPress site. 

similarly, it comes with a crowd of 0.33-birthday party integrations like electronic mail offerings, undertaking managers, and CRM (customer relationship management). you could additionally build the charge forms as the plugin integrates with PayPal and Stripe bills. moreover, you could embed one-of-a-kind calculators, such as BMI calculator, mortgage calculator, ROI calculator, and so forth, on the shape.

Key Features:  

  • Interactive quizzes and polls  
  • Email routing and pre-populate  
  • 100% GDPR compliant   
  • Custom login and registration forms  
  • Advanced date field restrictions  
  • E-signature form field 

Price: Free or $5/month

3. Gravity Forms

Wordpress form builder plugin - Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is an easy-to-use and popular form builder plugin that helps you quickly build and design WordPress forms using the visual editor. You can limit the number of entries and even schedule the forms to have complete control to capture the users’ data. Along with this, it also has more than 30 ready-to-use form templates that you can choose from and use instantly.   

Its save and keep function we could the user keep the 1/2-stuffed form and are available returned later to finish the fillings. Likewise, the customers also can carry out superior calculations the usage of the bureaucracy. furthermore, it’s incorporated with 0.33-birthday party equipment like Mailchimp, PayPal, Stripe, Dropbox, Zapier, etc.

Key Features:  

  • Conditional logic to show or hide your form’s fields  
  • Documents and photos uploads  
  • Limit and schedule forms  
  • WordPress post creation  
  • Numerous third-party plugins integration  
  • Responsive design  

Price: $59/year

4. Contact Form 7

Wordpress form builder plugin - Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 manages multiple forms and lets you customize the form, including the contents of the mails, flexibly. Besides, it supports Ajax-powered submitting that lets users submit and return data asynchronously without requiring the page to reload. As a result, the interaction between the users and the application is smoother and quicker.  

It has numerous protection modules like Google reCAPTCHA, disallowed list, and Akismet to guard you against spammers. pleasant of all, the plugin is completely free of price and has an active setup of over 5 million. It also comes with exceptional documentation, FAQs, and support boards to remedy issues regarding the plugin.

Key Features:  

  • Works with any recent WordPress theme  
  • Easy customizations  
  • Shortcode to insert the forms into any pages or posts  
  • Spam filtering  
  • Supports third-party extensions   
  • Absolutely free, and no paid upgrades are required  

Price: Free  

5. Formidable Forms

Wordpress form builder plugin -  Formidable Form

Formidable Forms is an advanced WordPress form builder plugin. Beyond contact forms, it also lets you build forms for surveys, quizzes, calculator forms, and more with a drag and drop facility. It’s optimized for maximum server performance and speed. Further, you can turn your form results into user-generated content using integrated views.  

The visible styler assets of the plugin facilitate you in style your shape with no issue. furthermore, it has multi-page shape features with a development bar and autosave. functions like schedule form, limit responses, document uploads, date picker, fee series, and so on also are to be had.

Key Features:  

  • Allows users to preview, review, and edit forms before submitting  
  • Automatically fill out forms  
  • Boostrap form styling  
  • SMS notifications  
  • User tracking  
  • Smart form with conditional logic  

Price: Free or $39.50/year   

6. Everest Forms

Wordpress form builder plugin - Everest Forms

Everest Forms is a user-friendly WordPress shape builder plugin with a drag and drop feature. With this plugin, all your shape submissions can be brought successfully without getting them on the spam folder.

It comes with normally used pre-designed form templates you can pick out from. similarly, you may also upload as many fields as according to your necessity using this plugin. special integration options together with e-mail advertising and marketing tools, Google sheets integration, price gateways, etc., are also to be had.

at the side of this, the form fashion designer upload-on helps you to layout your shape with the use of multiple colorings, backgrounds, and fonts. And with the geolocation characteristic, you could accumulate facts like USA, town, zip code, region map, and so on of your person who submitted the shape.

Key Features:  

  • Multi-step form  
  • eSignature support  
  • Categorized form fields 
  • Multiple file upload  
  • Editable validation message  
  • Email notifications and auto responders  

Price: Free or $49/year  

7. User Registration

Wordpress form builder plugin - User Registration

User Registration plugin is one of the most loved WordPress form builder plugins to create user registration forms and login forms. It also has an inbuilt login form that you can replace with your default WordPress login form on any page. At the same time, the plugin also offers support for creating a frontend account page for profile edit, log out, password change, and so on.   

furthermore, it allows you to design the shape to match it together with your site’s design. For this, you could absolutely use a fashion Customizer add-on to customize color, fonts circle of relatives, font, spacing, and so forth.

A thrilling feature of this plugin is, you could invite customers with invitation codes using the Invite Codes add-on. you could create the invitation code and set the expiry date, limit utilization, and extra. consequently, simplest the users with invitation codes can sign in thru the registration web page.

Key Features:  

  • An array of login options  
  • Export registered users’ data in CSV format  
  • Enable or disable strong password  
  • Quick form preview  
  • Great-looking user profile account page  
  • Multiple column form support  

Price: Free or $69/year   

Wrapping Up

These have been our top alternatives for the high-quality WordPress form builder plugins. They’re all up to date and feature a big variety of active customers.

if you aren’t clear but, we advocate you pick the Everest Forms plugin because it helps you to customize the form as in step with your desire. you furthermore may don’t need to fear the customers’ data getting lost. except, the plugin integrates the form with distinctive vital gear, and it’s the right desire for a novice well as for a professional.

that is quite an awful lot for our article on the best WordPress form builder plugins. we are hoping you enjoyed reading it.