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Top 5 WordPress Employee Management Plugins

Wordpress top 5 plugins for time management system

Employee Management Plugins for WordPress to manage your team members to grow your business and work productivity, let’s have a brief look at it.

This collection of employee management plugins includes all the best solutions for organizing and tracking your staff with WordPress.

Automate timesheets, manage salaries and departments, and run a company-wide intranet all with WP using these plugins.

Keep reading to get the simplest plugins available for these features.

Best Employee Management Plugins

Search this collection of free and premium plugins to find the right one to run your business.

Here are the top picks for the best employee management WordPress plugins.

Clockify Pro – Time Management System

Clockify Pro plugin is the world’s most advanced employee/staff management plugin or you can say Team management plugins to track your employee/staff’s working hours time & Attendance. It is a user-friendly, intuitive system that provides smoothly integrated essential HR management and Attendance functionality. You can manage Attendance, Departments, Employees, Salary calculation according to monthly or hourly basis, Real-Time Working Hours for your employers, Monthly Report Generation, Leaves, Notices, Holidays, User Roles. It also has a notification feature via mail & SMS means you will get notified by mail or SMS. It allows employees to mark their attendance from anywhere in the world. It captures the exact Clock IN / OUT Time along with the exact Current Location of employees hence you can track your employees attendance as well as their attendance location online anytime. Clockify Pro can be used either by large or small businesses to monitor the attendance of their respective employees.

Employee Management Plugins one

Key Features

  • User Management (Admin / Employee)
  • Attendance Management
  • Holiday Management
  • Notice Management
  • Shift Management
  • Department Management
  • Leave requests Management
  • Define the Designation Of Employee
  • Notify Admin When Employee Clock IN/OUT
  • Realtime Employee Tracking
  • Month Wise Full Attendance Report
  • View Employees Past Attendance Report
  • Events Management
  • Customizable Email/SMS Notification Templates
  • Email/SMS Notification Alerts
  • Frontend Dashboard for employees
  • Centralizes Dashboard for Administrator
  • Stable source code.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Translation Ready
  • And many other features

Its price is $30 ( 50% discount )


Human resource and finance management

WPHRM may be a pretty impressive plugin. It adds a replacement dashboard to your site that has an app-like interface. It feels completely breaking away from your regular site but integrating without issue.

From the WPHRM dashboard, you’ll edit and manage your departments, staff, and salaries. Use the Attendance and Leave calendars to look at when individual employees are going to be on the clock and once they have missed any scheduled shifts. you’ll easily update the data and details of any staffer saved in WPHRM.

You might also enjoy the financial management tools included. There are a couple of simple financial reports which will assist you in reviewing your business’ performance without having to go away from your WP dashboard.


WP ERP wordpress plugin

Employee management plugins? Sure, WP ERP can help thereupon, but it’s capable of a lot more.

The WP ERP plugin may be a complete business manager built on top of WordPress. It includes a toolset for managing human resources, customer relationships, and accounting. There’s also a fourth module for project management available free of charge also. Since you’re here to seek out employee management solutions, let’s mention the HR component.

First off, WP ERP allows you to feature and edit your company’s info and locations. you’ll add as many departments as you would like and make designations within those departments. Then employees are often added and included in any department with a pre-made designation. Every employee gets their own profile which they will update themselves to. WP ERP makes it simple to publish company-wide updates, manage holidays, and permit employees to request leave once they got to.

WP Human Resource Management

WP Human Resource management

WP Human Resource Management may be a simple but feature-filled plugin for managing employees with WordPress. The developers behind this plugin have thought of everything and provided an entire set of tools.

Like other plugins listed here, you’ll create departments with designations and then assign staff members to those depts and roles. Easily review your list of employees and update their profiles whenever needed. you’ll also create policies for leave and track the attendance of every employee. This employee management plugin even includes a recruitment tool and payroll to assist keep the business’ finances in restraint.

WP Human Resource Management provides a useful and way simpler solution but a free alternative to the SAAS apps that charge monthly for equivalent features.

Timesheet Attendance Management

Timesheet attendance management

Here’s a particularly simple solution for tracking and managing employee attendance. The Timesheet Attendance Management plugin adds an easy plugin to your site that employees can use to punch in and punch out.

This plugin would be used effectively on an iPad or another tablet where employees can simply tap the button to start tracking their shifts. the massive button is often added to an otherwise plain page keeping things clean and straightforward. Otherwise, leave it on the location for monitoring the digital work of remote employees.

In the WordPress dashboard, you get an inventory of the users on the location (your employees) and their in and out times. Reviewing worker activity couldn’t be simpler.

Which employee management plugin is best?

Clockify Pro is the most robust plugin included here for human resource management. Check it out first before considering the other solutions listed here.

Have any remaining questions about these WordPress employee management plugins? Post in the comments section below.